Guest blog

  • The Contemporary Non-Executive Director… a must-have on your board Louis Cooper, CEO of the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (NEDA), considers the changing role of the Non-Executive Director in modern organisations and advises how Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) in the sport and recreation sector can learn from the corporate sector to ensure they adapt and add value for the benefit of their board. 22nd Nov 2016
  • Streets Revolution The Oxford Social Inclusion Cup is more than just a football tournament. It brings together people who have experienced mental health problems, members of the local community and health services to promote positive social inclusion. Jon Regler, founder of the inclusion cup explains more. 17th Nov 2016
  • Traveleads: Leadership Material Ahead of the Leadership Convention we've asked our partners at Traveleads what their thoughts are on leadership and change. What makes a good leader? How have they as an organisation adapted to change? 27th Oct 2016
  • Why does the IOC support the TAFISA Sport Leadership course? Ray Sweeney, CEO of the Disability Karate Federation, blogs about the upcoming TAFISA Sport Leadership Course and why it's important the sector develops its future leaders. 13th Oct 2016
  • Meet the #iwill ambassadors with a passion for volunteering in sport Have you ever considered volunteering in sport? We briefly hear from three inspirational young individuals who are leading social action in their communities by volunteering in sport.  25th Aug 2016
  • Two Blondes Walking Fi Darby and Lucy Atkins, otherwise known as as the "Two Blondes Walking" tell about what inspires them to get active outdoors and how others can get involved. 11th Aug 2016
  • Women that climb As part of #WomenOutdoors Week we've caught up with two avid climbers and got their views on why more women should get involved in climbing and outdoor recreation. 11th Aug 2016
  • Partnerships are the key to getting the nation moving more Ahead of next week's launch of the Physical Activity and Health report, Emma Boggis, Chief Executive of Sport and Recreation Alliance and Steven Ward, Executive Director of ukactive, explain why partnerships are vital to getting the nation active and healthy. 30th Jun 2016
  • Technological insights for outdoor recreation Brian Macaulay of the Outdoor Recreation Network, blogs about how technology is being used to improve and enhance people's enjoyment of outdoor recreation. 12th May 2016