Duty of Care in Sport and Recreation, why Perkins Slade is supporting the Sports Summit 2016

Perkins Slade is proud to sponsor this year’s Sports Summit, bringing together stakeholders from across the sector, to discuss the plans and also the uncertainties of the future.

As the market-leading sports insurance broker in the UK, for the Sports & Recreation Alliance and for more than 300 national governing bodies, we share the Alliance’s commitment to raising standards in sport and recreation across the United Kingdom.

There have been some major developments in the sports sector in the last 30 years, most notably the increase in duty of care responsibilities. The Government recently announced consultation on the Duty of Care, which aims to build a comprehensive plan for the whole sports system can effectively look after people who take part in sport. With a strong focus in this area, it is now incumbent on National Governing Bodies and associations to ensure all those who take part in sport and recreation do so in a safe environment, taught by well qualified and experienced coaches and presided over by qualified and experienced officials. 

As National Governing Bodies have necessarily become more accountable, so too has the need for better quality insurance and our ongoing mission is to help our clients address risk management issues at grassroots and club level.

Sport and recreation in the UK is ostensibly run by volunteers: people who give up their free time and willingly help others get involved and take part in a wide variety of activities. However, over the years, many volunteers have become increasingly concerned that in this age of litigation they may get sued for damages if they cause injury to another person or damage to property. 

Our role is to provide essential protection, so if something does go wrong, as it inevitably will from time to time, coaches, referees, administrators and club officials can be confident their actions will be defended. 

As such, Perkins Slade has developed unique products and services designed to fulfil those needs, such as online risk assessment tools which allow untrained, unpaid officials to confidently and comprehensively ensure that clubs are run as safely as possible – with drastic reductions in claims in evidence. We also provide advice on safe participation as well as business continuity and crisis management planning for National Associations.

Insurance protection does not just defend those who have civil actions taken against them, it provides damages for those who have suffered sometimes life-changing injuries and who are legally entitled to compensation.  By way of example, it would be devastating for a coach to have to live with the fact that their actions had caused catastrophic injuries to an individual, however it would be even worse if that individual could not be financially recompensed.  High quality insurance does both those things: it defends people’s actions and provide damages where necessary.

We are proud to partner with the Sport & Recreation Alliance - a force for good and the independent voice of sport - protecting and championing the interests of those involved in sport and recreation across in the UK. Millions of associations, clubs and individuals would find sport and recreation a whole different experience if the Alliance were not in existence - to challenge the government when necessary and to play its role in leading campaigns to tackle so many vital issues.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance Sports Summit will provide delegates with the opportunity to network with industry professionals and lead debate on how the sports sector will activate the new Government sports strategy. We look forward to meeting many of you at this year’s summit on 25 May!

For further information visit: howdengroup.com/sport

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