Implementing The Principles

The governance library contains a selection of guidance and resources to support your implementation of The Principles of Good Governance. The information contained here is designed to help sport and recreation organisations develop effective organisational structures, policies, procedures and governance. Over time we'll be adding further resources, but if there's a resource you're looking for now and can't find please contact us.

  • Principle One: Integrity

    The resources within Principle One have been provided to help boards work toward upholding, protecting and exemplifying the very highest standards of integrity within their organisation and the wider environment.

  • Principle Two: Organisations’ Vision and Mission

    The resources within Principle Two have been provided to help boards both identify their organisational vision, mission, and values, and create a robust strategic plan to support this.

  • Principle Three: Leadership and Role of the Board

    The resources within Principle Three have been provided to help boards effectively manage and understand the roles and responsibilities of the board, along with the impact this has both individually and within the wider organisation.

  • Principle Four: Board Structure

    The resources within Principle Four have been provided to help boards further understand the appropriate mechanisms which can be implemented to ensure a balanced, inclusive and skilled board.

  • Principle Five: Controls and Compliance

    The resources within Principle Five have been provided to help boards work towards mitigating any risk, through a comprehensive understanding of any regulatory and legal requirements.

  • Principle Six: Accountability and Transparency

    The resources within Principle Six have been provided to help boards work routinely in a transparent, open, and accountable manner. 

  • Principle Seven: Engaging with the Sport and Recreation Landscape

    The resources within Principle Seven have been provided to help boards work towards engaging and maintaining strategic relationships with key stakeholders and other governing bodies.

  • Additional Governance Resources

    This section contains additional governance resources; including reports, guidance on board behaviours and a comparative assessment of the governance codes applicable to the sport and recreation sector.