Principle One: Integrity

The resources within Principle One have been provided to help boards work toward upholding, protecting and exemplifying the very highest standards of integrity within their organisation and the wider environment.

The board should uphold, protect and exemplify the very highest standards of integrity at all times, not only in what it does but in the wider environment. As well as contributing to the effective performance of the organisation, integrity is key to protecting the reputation and legitimacy of the organisation.

The board leads by example, setting out and maintaining clear ethical standards for the organisation and welcoming the opportunity to be transparent in order to demonstrate the organisation’s ethical values. Where an organisation is responsible for organising competitions, the board has overall responsibility for ensuring that competition is fair, robust and compliant with relevant rules and procedures of the activity both national and international, including specialist action required on areas like betting integrity and anti-doping.

The board is also responsible for protecting the mental and physical wellbeing of participants at all levels. Every organisation should understand its moral and legal obligations around safeguarding and should have policies that are applied rigorously and subjected to regular scrutiny.

The resources below will assist in implementing this principle.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest Policy Template

The British Aikido Board Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy

Example of Director's Code of Conduct Policy - the British Sub Aqua Club

Board Codes of Conduct for NGBs

Example of Anti- Corruption Policy - British Curling

Example of Anti- Doping Rules - British Swimming

Conflict of Interest, declaration form and register of interests for charity trustees - ICSA

Example of Equality and Diversity Policy - Badminton England

Example of Anti- Doping Policy - the British Horseracing Authority

Policy template - Delegated Authority to the CEO Officer