The Voluntary Code of Good Governance

In 2011 the Sport and Recreation Alliance led an initiative to help sport organisations improve the way they operate. We called it...

Vol Code ()

Since its publication it has helped many sport and recreation bodies develop and implement effective forms of governance. Whether this was the introduction of new systems to make the organisation more transparent to its membership, or a restructuring of the Board to bring in essential business skills, the Code has guided the sector – and organisations just like yours - to better governance.

But like world records, standards of governance don’t stand still. So, with support from a range of experts and representative bodies, a refreshed Code was launched in November 2014.

This Code makes a difference to the world of sport and recreation. An independent impact study we commissioned concluded that 95% of respondents found the Code either effective or very effective in assisting good governance. More than three quarters said the Code had assisted in developing their whole organisation.

With this evidence of impact and a refreshed version of the Code now available, there’s every reason to examine your activity’s governance to see how the Code, and the tools we provide alongside it, can help you improve your organisation’s performance.

These pages will help you to understand what the Code is, why it is important and how to implement it in your organisation.