What do you need to do to sign up for the Code?

The Code is relevant for every kind of sport and recreation body. By signing up to the code you are taking a step towards greater integrity, transparency and efficiency – and acting to avoid the mistakes we see so publicly made by others.

The practical steps to take when signing up are simple. By submitting the Voluntary Code sign up form, you are confirming as an organisation that you have:

• Discussed the Code at your board or executive meeting and achieved approval to sign-up to the Code and examine what the principles mean in your organisation

• Included the Code as an objective in your Strategic Plan

• Selected an individual in your organisation to take responsibility for leading or co-ordinating governance improvements

The term ‘board’ relates to the strategic decision-making function at the top of an organisation and the principles set out here will apply whichever name is adopted. Your governing document will dictate the name given to your board and it is this decision making body that we refer to when use the term board.

To make your commitment, complete and send the 'Signed Up to Good Governance' form to governance@sportandrecreation.org.uk

In order to create informed debate about the benefits, you may want to present more information to your board and discuss this in detail. The Alliance has prepared some resources to help your organisation understand and sign-up to the Code. These include:

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of its ongoing support to members, the Alliance is able to provide 1:1 and consultancy support. This includes delivery of an introductory presentation to your board, your members or staff; diagnostic reviews; and an ongoing advisory service.

How do you get the most from the Code?