What is the Voluntary Code of Good Governance?

In 2011 the Sport and Recreation Alliance led an initiative to create a Voluntary Code of Good Governance for the Sport and Recreation Sector.

The Code was designed to enable sport and recreation organisations to aspire to and maintain good governance. It is a tool to help Boards perform their role by outlining seven simple principles in the following areas:

1. Integrity: Acting as guardians of the sport, recreation, activity or area
2. Defining and evaluating the role of the board
3. Delivery of vision, mission and purpose
4. Objectivity: Balanced, inclusive and skilled board
5. Standards, systems and controls
6. Accountability and transparency
7. Understanding and engaging with the sporting landscape

The voluntary nature of the Code is designed to protect the autonomy of the sector whilst ensuring sport and recreation bodies accept responsibility for their own governance.

The Code has also provided the sector with a best practice model and framework for continuous improvement. It was developed by a group of sport and recreation bodies with input from governance experts. The Code is supported by Sport England, UK Sport, the British Olympic and Paralympic Associations and SkillsActive all of whom are committed to strengthening the sector.

In late 2014 we launched a refreshed version of the Code.

The updates to the Code include:

• New case studies from a range of Code signatories to allow others to learn from their achievements and the challenges faced along the way

• Updated language and terminology to reflect the latest governance expectations and changes that have been introduced in the sporting and non-sporting environments

• Updated contacts and references to ensure that the sector is connected

The refreshed Voluntary Code of Good Governance can be downloaded here.

What do you need to sign-up to the code?