Alliance reacts to A Code for Sports Governance

Emma Boggis shares the Alliance's thoughts on the new sports governance code by Sport England and UK Sport.

"The Alliance welcomes the publication of A Code for Sports Governance by UK Sport and Sport England today. Building on the strong principles established in our own Voluntary Code of Good Governance, which has over 100 signatories, the Code and the detailed guidance within it outline a number of important areas to further enhance the governance, culture and decision making within our sector. The five principles of structure, people, communication, standards and conduct and policies and processes cover the crucial elements of what makes a well-run organisation.

"The Code sets out a positive and ambitious direction of travel for our sector, and whilst some of the specific requirements will be challenging to some, we look forward to working with our members, the wider sector and with UK Sport and Sport England to further deliver the highly skilled and transparent culture of decision making that our sector and the public deserve. The approach set out in different tiers is particularly positive, and should go a long way to ensuring that requirements are relevant, proportionate and achievable. 

"Good governance is essential to organisations achieving their full potential and we hope that others will join us in viewing the Code as a significant opportunity to raise our game. The Code acknowledges the strong progress made in recent years, and this is a trend that we want to continue. 

"The Alliance will also be taking this opportunity to ensure that our own Voluntary Code for Good Governance remains relevant and helpful to our sector, particularly to the large number of sport and recreation organisations who are not in receipt of public funds."

Alliance members can download a detailed briefing on the Code here.