The Channel Rocketseed uses everyday email as a channel to enhance your company’s marketing campaigns with branded messages. Every business or sports body communicates by email. Forrester Research (case study available) suggests email makes up 85% of all corporate communication. This is the channel where Rocketseed’s unique and easy-to-use software can be deployed.

How does it work?Each outbound email passes through the Rocketseed system which then brands it or ‘wraps’ it with the relevant message, this can vary from simple generic based branding to more advanced sales messages. In addition Rocketseed provides standardised email signatures and disclaimers. Each Rocketseed insert can link the recipient to a defined web page, or custom built landing page. These messages can be tailor made to suit a particular sender or group of senders.

What are the Benefits?

  • Rocketseed at its most basic enhances your overall brand. (branding)
  • Rocketseed enables you to cross-sell services and facilities. (add-on business)
  • Rocketseed can identify who is engaging and showing interest, enabling sales to follow up opportunities. (increased revenue & ROI)
  • Rocketseed integrates with social media
  • Rocketseed is fully trackable offering flexible reports and statistics

ClientsRocketseed currently works with the British Red Cross, Channel Five, Specialist Distribution Group (SDG), Thistle & Guoman Hotels and other high-quality clients. Rocketseed has a dedicated person assigned to look after Sport and Recreation Alliance Members and Enterprise Partners and offers special rates for all business referred in this way.

Getting startedTypically from start to finish we can have you up and running within two weeks and offer a very hands-on and helpful service. In addition to the 'techie' bits we offer a design and marketing service that sits alongside you current suppliers.


Fiona Robson – Managing Director 11 Southwick Mews


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Telephone: 020 7706 9520