• Policy Areas

    A large part of our role as an organisation is working on behalf of our members to improve the financial and regulatory environment in which they operate.

  • What is safeguarding?

    Safeguarding is the process of protecting children and adults from harm by providing safe and effective care. It includes all procedures designed to prevent harm.

  • Integrity

    This section provides links to more information on how you can protect your sport and its participants from threats to integrity

  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs and Charities

    Sports clubs and organisations can take a wide variety of forms. Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and charitable status are two of the most important due to the tax and giving benefits they provide

  • Health

    The public health agenda remains high profile and one that offers huge potential for the sport and recreation sector to engage with

  • Economic and social value of sport and recreation

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance is dedicated to highlighting the significant economic and social value of sport and recreation

  • Professional sport

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance support our members to ensure the continued success of elite professional sport

  • Grassroots and community

    Grassroots sports clubs, projects, charities, and community organisations are the lifeblood of sport and recreation across the country.

  • Outdoor recreation

    Outdoor recreation is the UK’s favourite pastime. When people get active outdoors it creates jobs and reduces the burden on the health service. Outdoor education is also a crucial part of children’s learning

  • Local authorities

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance provides help and guidance to governing bodies and organisations get the most from working with local authorities

  • Europe

    The EU plays a significant role in shaping sports policy and in supporting sports organisations through a variety of funding mechanisms. In addition the Alliance engages with a range of EU stakeholders to represent member interests through its EU policy work.