Professional sport

Professional sport

National Governing Bodies are responsible for both the elite and grassroots of their sport. The two are inextricably linked.

The commercial income raised by the sale of broadcast TV rights and through the exploitation of other intellectual property rights is reinvested back into grassroots development.

This investment in grassroots broadens the participation base and helps ensure talented young athletes are able to develop and compete in elite professional sport.

The Alliance supports its members by working to ensure the continued success of elite professional sport through activity in the following areas:


The Alliance administers the Voluntary Code of Conduct on the Broadcasting of Major Sporting Events. More information on the Code and the role of the Sports Broadcasting Monitoring Committee can be found here.

Sports betting integrity

The Alliance Chairs and provides support to the Sports Betting Group (SBG). The SBG brings together expertise from the major sports governing bodies and player associations to address issues relating to sports betting corruption and to share information and good practice.

In its role as Chair of the SBG, the Alliance also engages with a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in protecting the integrity of sport and sports betting including the Gambling Commission and the Sports Betting Integrity Forum.

More information on the work of the Sports Betting Group can be found here.

Intellectual property

Sport derives significant commercial benefit from the exploitation of intellectual property rights. TV broadcasting rights, official merchandising, commercial partnerships and sponsorship all bring vital income into the sector to enable it to develop and grow.

Intellectual property rights are continually challenged through a range of activities including:

  • Ambush marketing;
  • Unauthorised use of copyrighted content e.g. illegal live streaming;
  • Counterfeit goods.

On behalf of its members, the Alliance engages with the Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC) on issues affecting rights holders. SROC brings together rights holders to protect and promote sports rights and to ensure the views of rights holders are heard in discussions with policymakers.

Major sporting events

Major sporting events like the recent Rugby World Cup and the Olympic and Paralympics Games bring people together and make a significant social, cultural and economic contribution to the UK and to our standing overseas.

However the success and sustainability of major sporting events can be affected by a range of factors including:

  • The tax treatment of overseas participants which can affect the ability of event organisers to attract top talent to UK events and;
  • Ticket touting which undermines the ability of event organisers to manage the distribution of tickets and can exclude many fans who cannot afford high prices on the secondary market.

The Alliance engages with DCMS, BIS, other Government departments and bodies such as Sport England and UK Sport on these issues to ensure that the UK remains the home of world-class sporting events.