Research archive

The research archive contains earlier research published by the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

Red Card to Red Tape: One year on (2012)

Following on from 2011's Red Card to Red Tape, Red Card to Red Tape: One year on tells the story of the battles the Alliance has won, the debates we’re still having and where there is more work to do to free sport and recreation of unnecessary regulation.

Red Card to Red Tape (2011)

Red Card to Red Tape reviews over 50 regulatory burdens impacting on sport and recreation clubs and makes more than 100 recommendations for removing barriers.

Sports Club Survey (2011)

This is a survey every two years in order to understand the financial health, membership make-up, facility usage and upcoming opportunities and challenges for community sports clubs. The results presented in the 2011 survey are based upon responses received from 1,942 sports clubs across over 40 different sports.

Facilities Inquiry (2010)

This is an independent inquiry conducted by the Sport and Recreation Alliance (then called the CCPR) into the quantity, quality and use of facilities in the UK.

Sports Club Survey (2009)

Our biennial research into the health of sports clubs, taking a snapshot of club finances, membership levels, facility usage and future challenges and opportunities. With responses from over 3,000 clubs across the UK the results make fascinating reading.

Getting the Ball Rolling (2009)

A report detailing the potential impact of sport for developing communities under the policy priorities of the Labour Government (1997-2010).

Sports Clubs: their economic and social impact (2006)

On behalf of the Alliance, the Carnegie Research Institute at Leeds Metropolitan University investigated the contribution made by sports clubs to the economic and social benefit provided to the wider community. The research focused on 54 sports clubs in Leeds.

Economic Value of Countryside Recreation and Sports (2005)

Commissioned by the Alliance and Sport England, the Tourism Leisure and Environmental Change Research Unit conducted an analysis of published evidence on the economic value of countryside sport and recreation.

Citizenship in Action Report (2003)

The University of Sheffield undertook an evaluation into the research evidence on the contribution of voluntary sector sport and recreation to the agenda of the Active Community Unit.

Saving Lives, Saving Money Report (2002)

Saving Lives, Saving Money analysed the 2001 physical activity plans from 55 health authorities in England and Wales to ascertain the extent of the plans with a view to highlighting and spreading best practice.